Community Broadband Network

We are Expanding

The City of Glenwood Springs has been providing broadband internet service to residents and businesses for over 20 years. While the service proved to be very fast, reliable and affordable; it was not available across much of the city.  In 2020 we started an expansion plan to install over 140 miles of fiber-optic cable covering pretty much the entire city limits.  

We have teams working all over the city every day installing fiber-optic cable both in the ground and overhead.  Once that work is complete we then spend several weeks testing and adjusting to make sure our service will perform at highest levels of availability.  Then neighborhoods get activated for service and we let those residents know that they can subscribe and not only save hundreds of dollars each year, but also get the fastest internet available in the the Valley.

 Keep on the lookout for our door hangers, letters and flyers that we distribute as we get into your neighborhood! 

We are rebuilding these CBN web pages and will have more information available soon.  

For any questions about the service email us at:

Or call us at: