Ongoing Projects

South Midland 

In an effort to better serve the South Glenwood Springs Community, the City is developing plans to rebuild the South Midland Avenue corridor. Through the City’s Request for Qualifications and Proposal process SGM was selected as the design consultant in 2017 and 30 percent design plans were completed in January of 2018.

  1. Jennifer Ooton

    Assistant City Manager, Economic & Community Dev

Glenwood: Moving Forward Together

EPA Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Effort

The City of Glenwood Springs is excited to announce that the “Glenwood: Moving Forward Together” Project – the U.S. EPA Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Effort is underway.

Using funding from an EPA grant, the City is creating a strategy to tie together the Confluence Redevelopment, 6th Street Corridor Master Plan, 7th Street Beautification project and Two Rivers Park. Together with expert consultants and community stakeholders, the City will use this grant to develop an implementation plan to revitalize the brownfields located along the Colorado and Roaring Fork Rivers in the City’s core, including a 5-acre site where the City’s decommissioned wastewater treatment plant is located. The planning area covered by the grant also includes the 5-acre CDOT Engineering and Maintenance site across Devereux Road from Two Rivers Park and the 27.4-acre Holly Quarry site near the Iron Mountain Hot Springs/Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.

27th St. Bridge 

City Council approved the 27th Street Bridge project design services during construction and construction management contract at the regular August 2, 2018 City Council meeting. Council awarded the bridge design services during construction contract to Wood and construction management contract to HDR. The City is currently awaiting the bid opening, scheduled for September 21. The successful bid will be taken to the City Council meeting on October 4 for review and approval. The successful bid will be reviewed concurrently by CDOT and FHWA for approval. The Notice to Proceed is anticipated to be issued mid to late October. Once construction begins, this project is currently anticipated to last for 12-18 months.

Amec Foster Wheeler was awarded the design contract in Spring of 2016 and once the initial analysis was complete, the City held a community meeting in November 2016 to discuss three potential bridge alignments that would provide a 20 year traffic solution. Comments from this meeting were then presented to the Transportation Commission and the City Council and the current bridge alignment with a roundabout design was ultimately selected to minimize permanent impacts to adjacent landowners and provide improved intersection function at 27th Street and South Grand Avenue. 

Construction will implement a bridge slide and minimize impacts to traffic, pedestrians, utilities, and river users.  The City recently received an additional $950,000 grant from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs and a $500,000 grant from the Garfield County Federal Mineral Lease District for the Construction of the 27th Street Bridge. Total grant funding for the replacement of this bridge is $3.18 million with almost $2.6 remaining for construction. As of March 2018, $620,828 of the Off-System Bridge funding had been utilized in the design with $1.1 million remaining for construction.

Ninety percent construction plans are available here.

A pdf of design team AMEC Foster Wheeler's presentation from Nov. 16, 2016 is available at

27th St. Bridge Alignment

27th St. Bridge Alterative

Enhanced 7th Street


The Enhance 7th Street Project extends from the west side of Grand Avenue Bridge to Cooper Avenue. Invitations to bid for construction of hardscape, landscaping, and fountains are anticipated to be released in the fall of 2018, with construction to begin in the spring. Sanitary Sewer improvements west of the elevator must take place in advance of other hardscape elements, and would begin as soon as weather allows in 2019.

The area underneath the Grand Avenue Bridge has largely been completed. Remaining work includes three fountains and landscaping. Landscaping is anticipated to be completed in the fall of 2018.

The city in October 2016 received a $400,000 Garfield County Federal Mineral Lease District grant for this project. Read more...

In December 2016, the city was awarded a $400,000 State Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Grant. Read more...

South Canyon Trails Plan

Construction of three new single track mountain biking trails is set to be completed in the Fall of 2018 with some finishing work and a ribbon cutting ceremony planned for Spring 2019. The City of Glenwood Springs, in conjunction with the Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association (RFMBA), worked on the South Canyon Trails Plan, which will improve and/or construct 29,850 linear feet of trails for biking, hiking and running use.

Tramway Trail – Shared, beginner foot and bike path beginning at the lower trailhead, crossing South Canyon Creek. Uses old road cuts and steep slopes.

Lightning Bug Trail – Descending-optimized, mountain bike-focused trail beginning at the upper trailhead and descending on mostly moderate slopes between Tramway Trail and County Road 134.

Coal Camp Trail – Shared use, intermediate level trail beginning at the upper trailhead. Views of Horse Mountain ridge.

The project also includes interpretive signage about the South Canyon coal mining operations, which began in the area in 1885 and ended in the 1950s when the City purchased the property. The City contracted with Mountain States Historical to conduct an archaeological survey of specific areas within South Canyon to determine the best locations for mountain bike trail development.

South Bridge Environmental Assessment

The 2002 Coal Seam Fire forced the evacuation of areas south and west of Glenwood Springs, impacting more than 3,000 residents. A Federal Earmark for a South Bridge project was requested by Garfield County and awarded in 2005. In 2007, the City and County began an environmental assessment for the project. 

A public meeting was held August 2, 2017 to discuss the environmental assessment. The meeting covered such topics as the preferred location and next steps with the project. The presentation given on that night can be viewed through the link below.

South Bridge Public Meeting Presentation: 8/02/17

Confluence Redevelopment

The Confluence is located adjacent to Glenwood Springs’ historic downtown, the Roaring Fork and Colorado rivers, local and regional trail systems, and schools. The area comprises a number of underutilized properties, including the former site of the city’s wastewater plant and a number of surface parking lots. 

The Comprehensive Plan identifies the Confluence area as one of the primary opportunities for future growth in the city and as an opportunity to expand the downtown horizontally, enhancing the economic vitality of Glenwood’s central business district.

To view the Confluence Redevelopment Plan, click on the link below.

This document aims to provide realistic and actionable strategies for achieving higher and better use within the Confluence that complements and adds vitality to Glenwood’s historic downtown.

Vogelaar Park Land Exchange and Redesign

As part of the renovation of Glenwood Springs Elementary and the continuing efforts to institute changes proposed in the Confluence Plan, Vogelaar Park will be reconfigured. Additional park land will be added to the west and south of the current park. A portion of the area where the baseball diamond currently is located will be utilized primarily for housing with the possibility of a limited amount of commercial/retail space. These changes are being proposed to further the goals of the confluence plan, adopted in its current form by the City of Glenwood Springs in September 2017. 

The City of Glenwood Springs is geographically constrained with few areas to create new neighborhoods or increase the number of housing units within city limits. A land exchange between the City and the District facilitated the renovation and reconfiguration of Glenwood Springs Elementary School, will maintain and improve the recreational opportunities at Vogelaar Park, and will utilize a portion of the centrally located property for housing development.

For more information, see click on the links below: 
Land Exchange and Redesign Summary
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Environmental Assessment

This process will be open for public comment from October 19 to November 19, 2017.
If you have questions or comments you would like to offer toward this process, please direct them to Terri Partch at, or to the RFSD office to the attention of Shannon Pelland, Asst. Superintendent.  

Enhanced 7th St.

Enhanced 7th St rendering
Phase Diagram with Fountains - 052918

7th Street Storm and Sewer Installation Schedule

Mountain bike downhill

So. Canyon Trail Map

South Canyon Mountain Biking Map

South Bridge Location

South Bridge Preferred Alternative Site
Confluence Redevelopment Plan

6th Street Corridor Master Plan

Over the next two years, 6th Street is expected to change dramatically as a result of the multi-million dollar Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) project to demolish and realign the Grand Avenue-State Highway 82 Bridge over the Colorado River. The goal of the planning effort, which kicked off in January 2016, is to anticipate public improvements that the Grand Avenue Bridge project will set in motion such as streetscape improvements, bike facilities, public parking, and neighborhood gathering areas.    

Master Plan  
Based on input from public & stakeholder meetings, studioINSITE finalized a master plan that creates a blueprint for future North Glenwood development and redevelopment.  
6th Street Corridor Master Plan - This document is large (55.7 MB) and may take several minutes to download.

6th St Corridor Master Plan

6th Street Master Plan first page of document

Veltus Park and Three Mile Shoreline Restoration Project

The goal of these two projects is to construct riparian design elements to protect and improve the shorelines that been receding from erosion as well as improve and protect the facility elements that service users of Veltus Park and the Three Mile Creek Confluence on the Roaring Fork river bank. The projects will also improve river access and beautify the shorelines at both locations.

The Veltus Park shoreline restoration project began in August 2018 and is expected to be completed by the end of September 2018.

The Three Mile Creek Confluence shoreline restoration project has not yet begun.
Veltus Park Construction
Three Mile Creek Confluence with the Roaring Fork River