Traffic Calming

Traffic calming is a new measure available to residents of the City of Glenwood Springs to mitigate speeding in instances where excessively high speeds have been observed and conventional methods of speed management (e.g. enforcement and education) have not been effective.

Benefits of Traffic Calming
Traffic calming measures are intended to reduce speeding by making it uncomfortable for motorists to travel at excessively high speeds. These measures fall into one of 2 categories: passive or physical. Passive measurers include pavement markings, such as edge lines, bicycle lanes, and flush medians, that reduce the width of driving lanes, and signage that advises motorists of appropriate speeds. Physical measures include modifying roadways with horizontal or vertical deflections that cause vehicles to slow down. Deflections include traffic circles, raised medians, curb extensions, speed humps and rumble strips.
A calm road with no traffic
Traffic Calming Policy
Glenwood Springs has a Traffic Calming Policy. This policy identifies speeding conditions that must exist before traffic calming is warranted for consideration. The policy also acknowledges that passive measures are less intrusive and costly than physical measures, and should be introduced and evaluated prior to giving consideration to physical measures.

At this time it is the intent of the City of Glenwood Springs to provide assessment of various locations within the city that may warrant consideration for traffic calming measures. This project is not yet underway, and more information about warranted locations will be posted on this website as the information is developed.

The traffic calming process may be initiated by any individual or group that submits a written request for traffic calming on a roadway under the jurisdiction of the city of Glenwood Springs.

Additional Information
If you have any questions or wish to initiate a request, please contact our Traffic Calming Committee by phone at 970-384-6437 or send an email.