Biking / Walking

Bicycle transportation saves an estimated 700 million gallons of fuel annually. Walking or bicycling enables you to say good-bye to traffic congestion and the mounting costs of gasoline, parking and car upkeep. Put leg and pedal power to work for you and start enjoying your daily commute. Walking or Biking to work is great for your mind and body and it's good for the environment, too. When you leave your car at home and pedal to work, you help improve air quality and help decrease the congestion on our highways. Best of all, you can work out before you get to the office and feel energized throughout the day.

The New City Bike Map is Here!

The City has prepared a new City Bike map to help residents and visitors find their way around town by bicycle. The map shows recommended bike routes and indicates what type of riding environment you can expect: a multi-use path, an on-road bike lane, a sidewalk bike route, or a shared on-road route with vehicle traffic. View and print the map in PDF format or access our interactive GIS map viewer to plan your trip. Questions? Suggestions?  Please send us your comments for inclusion in future map updates!

Parking Your Bike

Riding downtown and looking for a place to park? Use our bike rack finder to find the rack closest to your destination. No rack where you need to go? Let us know! The City is working to increase bike parking in the public right of way. Send your suggestions to the Transportation Manager.


Be Safe While Walking and Biking

It's important to be safe, courteous, and aware on the trail. Check out the Happy Trails initiative, CDOT's Statewide Bicycling Manual, or these safety videos from the League of American Bicyclists for information and resources on bicycle safety.

Trails in and around Glenwood Springs

The City of Glenwood Springs has a beautiful trail system enabling people to easily get around town by walking or biking and is surrounded by additional trails that can be accessed quickly from downtown. Check out the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Associations map of Glenwood Springs and the surrounding area for ideas and information.

The Regional Bike Network

Rio Grande Trail

The Rio Grande Trail connects Aspen to Glenwood Springs via 44 miles of multi-use trail, uninhibited by vehicular traffic, 33 of which are paved (Aspen to Woody Creek is soft surface). The Rio Grande Trail transitions into the River Trail at 23rd Street in Glenwood Springs. For information on the regional Rio Grande Trail System, visit the RFTA website.

Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path

The Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path runs for 16.3 miles from Glenwood Springs to Dotsero, between the Colorado River and I-70 through the stunning Glenwood Canyon. Access to this paved, multi-use trail is near the entrance to the Hot Springs and vapor caves in North Glenwood. The trail is a great way to access Hanging Lake, Grizzly Creek, and other popular hiking trails in the Canyon. 


The Aspen trail system provides both summer and winter use making it one of the largest trails systems in the state. The trail system provides an almost seamless system, interconnected between Aspen/Snowmass and down valley to Woody Creek and Basalt. To learn more about Aspen’s trail system, visit the Aspen Recreation website. For Snowmass’s trail system, visit the Snowmass Colorado website.

Bikes on Buses

The Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA) is more than buses! Bikers are also part of the RFTA system. Bike racks are located on the front of RFTA buses in the summer, accommodating up to four bikes on a first come, first serve basis from selected bus stops between Aspen and Rifle and points in between. Not all bus stops accommodate bike loading, please call 925-8484 for pick up locations. A fee of $2 is charged for each bike.
For additional information, visit the RFTA website.